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Buckeye Designs



With Buckeye Football tickets so hard to come by, try bringing Ohio Stadium, the Horseshoe, into your own backyard.


This example is just one possible design that could incorporate scarlet and gray plants into a landscape. With your own yard, the possibilities are endless for anything you dream up, and that may even conjure some dreams of the next national championship.


*Note* -Not to Scale


For this design, any size rectangle or "field" can be used. It is suggested that the borders of the end zones and the block O at midfield be created with wood, either landscape timbers or 2x4's, as both English Ivy and Lamb's Ear are aggressive species. Once the plants have filled their entire space, maintenance of trimming will likely be needed to keep the "field" out of the "end zone," and vice versa. Not on the drawing but suggested would be a perimeter planting of a red annual, or perhaps a red brick border, that would give the appearance of the "track" around the field.