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Scarlet and Gray




A patio, wall, or other type of hardscape can be a beautiful, functional piece of your yard that can help bring the a part of the indoors outside and fun for all.





A patio is usually the first element that comes to mind when hardscapes are mentioned. Often times used as outdoor rooms, a good patio can be an extension of your home's interior, and a great place for gatherings. With today's many options in hardscape materials, colors are no longer a limiting factor. Brick usually give a connotation with the color red, which is still a widely used choice. However, other colors are now available, and fortunately for the Buckeye fan, gray bricks are available in a variety of types.

A patio must be in context with the home and garden style. A formal, linear patio may not blend well with a informal yard or garden. A great source of ideas and products to work with is the web site of Unilock. A leader in the brick and paver industry, Unilock offers design ideas, patterns, and products specifically geared towards the consumer. And once you decide on a design that will be best suited for you, placing your scarlet and gray bricks in will give your outdoor living space that Buckeye touch.




A wall can add a great sense of formality to a outdoor space or garden. Whether used as a retaining wall against a hill, or to create a raised bed or planter for those scarlet flowers, a good wall can add a great visual element to the garden. Unilock offers wall materials in a scarlet and gray variety of colors for you to get just that right look. And who knows, a gray wall may be the perfect compliment to your new scarlet brick patio.




A large project, such as a patio or sidewalk, can often take up too much time for the weekend warrior to handle. For installation of your brick projects in the Campus and surrounding areas, contact Domino Hardscape Installation.