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Scarlet and Gray

Plant Material




Plants which use the color red are naturally beautiful, but when accompanied by the Buckeye spirit, they can make a landscape come alive. Plants that contain gray usually make a nice accent or compliment to your other plants.

When choosing and locating plants, your local garden center will likely be the best source of information on foliage color, flower color, and other cultural information. Below are just a few possibilities to help you get started.



There are many different trees which will have spectacular red fall color. Some easy species to mention would be Red Maple, Silver Maple, and Pin Oak. A trip to the library to find a good tree book showing fall leaf colors would help, allowing you to find species that will work with your landscape and your site and still comply with the Scarlet and Gray theme. Another option are trees with red stems, such as a Dogwood variation, Cornus alba 'Sibirica', that will provide interest all year long.




Flowers are a great source of red and scarlet blooms from many, many plants. Some trees, such as the Chaenomeles x superba 'Rowallane' and 'Nicoline' , have red flowers that will help your trees out with some red color in the spring. However, a best source of red flowers will come from perennials and annuals. Browsing of a flower producer web site, such as White Flower Farm, will yield endless possibilities of red and scarlet flowers. Again, a good library book may also be an excellent starting point Just a few plants are listed below to help you get started:

Flower and Perennial Sources: White Flower Farm, Klehm's Song Sparrow Perennial Farm, Bluestone Perennials



Gray Plants


Gray is a hard color to come by in plant material. A few plants, such as Lamb's Ear, and White Sage, offer attractive gray foliage. However, a more practical solution is to substitute white plant material. Many variegated plants, such as Hosta 'Loyalist', will have white in their foliage. And since plants with white flower are possibly the easiest to come by, spring and summer blooms color should be an easy problem to fix.